Ice Space

Ice Space its an instance which allow players to gain experience just by being there. The entry to Ice Space is located in the center of Su Zhou. Find Ice Space Guide Warden Lin (179,129) in the area marked on a map as Ice Space.

To make use of Ice Space you need to get a Relic of Tumulus (can be bought from Warden Lin for 1g) or Emerald Bed Keynotes. This book can be obtained during the loop quest recieved from Joy Ho (295,68) in Kroraina. this book is more effective than the first one and gives you more xp.

After entering Ice Space just right-click books and enjoy: all you have to do is just wait and see how you are getting experience every 30 seconds (about 1250xp every 30 sec with Relic of Tumulus). While waiting you can try to kill cute animals which lives in the Ice Space, but sadly they are immortal. The only disadvantage is that the effective experience-earning process limited to 30 minutes and you can use the book only once a day.

Don't leave Ice Space until you finish reading the book (i.e. before the end of 30 min period) as you might loose some xp.

Ice Space it's a quick and easy way to get xp! And it certainly worth 1g! :)

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