A guild is an organisational faction designed to bring together players. Guilds are one of the core features of TLBB, not only necessary for extra content but a well developed system for a local community, complete with its own Chat channel option and city if purchased.

Joining a GuildEdit

Once a player reaches level 10 they can join a guild. To do so, visit Just Fan (141,95) in Luo Yang, select the "View Guild List" option, select a guild in the guild list and click "apply". You will have to wait until a guild leader or deputy accepts you into the guild. Many guilds have minimum level requirements, so you should take this into account before applying. Also note that different guilds have reputations and members which affect the nature of the guild, so try to research guilds before applying.

Why Join a Guild?Edit

Guilds are often full of friendly people, happy to help eachother. Guilds are brilliant ways to find teams, receive advice, and socialise. Guilds have a huge amount of content, much of which is unreleased as of 05/08/10.

Not all guilds have guild cities, though once they acquire the 1000g required, some of the features you'll have access to are:

  • Levelling up Life Skills beyond level 5.
  • Guild Quests - these can be completed for Guild Contribution Points, exp and money, the former are required to level up higher life skills.
  • Completing Guild Quests contributes towards building new parts of your Guild City, which allow new features.
  • Recipes can be researched and bought, allowing for new items to be produced.
  • Guild Trade is essential in the maintainance of a guild city, but also brings players great exp and gold rewards, as well as some tidy guild contriubtion points.
  • If pvp is your thing, you may be interested in the fact that guilds can enter periods of war in which crime points are not acquired.
  • Every day "Guild Care" can be recieve - a free 1 hour buff enhancing your strength and intelligence.
  • Extra 2x exp can be exchanged for guild contribution points.
  • Guild and Alliance chat channels are great for sociability, allowing you to easily chat with up to hundreds of friendly people.

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