Click compass

An avatar moving towards a clicked spot


The most basic way to get around the world of TLBB is by running or on a mount.


By positioning your cursor at the desired place you wish to move your avatar to and clicking there, you should run to the spinning square star/compass on the ground.

If the star is red, this means the location you requested to travel to is invalid, but your avatar may endeavour to travel to that point.

Area Map TabEdit

The area map provides both a map of the area and a function to travel to specific locations

Your avatar appears as an arrow point, and corrosponds with the position of your avatar as you move. The direction your view is facing is displayed as a green triangle.


The autopath option provides you with the opportunity to find monsters and NPCs in the area you are in.

Simply select the name of the monster or NPC you wish to travel to, double click it, or click "go".


De Wu - a lou yang teleport escort

A Luo Yang Teleport Escort

Chamber EscortsEdit

Cities have Chamber Escorts, which appears at "Teleport" on area maps.

The escorts can teleport you to the other cities or any of the class bases.

Da Li: Fleet-Footed Tsul (241,126) - Escort
Luo Yang: Han Wong (229,129) - Chamber Escort
De Wu (138,182) - Escort
Su Zhou: Wind Li (110,160) - Escort
Tung Escort (239,128) - Smith Escort

Note: Players must be at least at least level 10 to use Chamber Escorts.

Teleport ScrollsEdit

Location Spells and Class Teleport boards can be used to teleport back to cities.

Da Li TeleportEdit

Players can use the common skill "Da Li Teleport" once every 40 minutes.

This takes players back to Da Li.

Guild City TeleportEdit

If you are a member of a guild that has a city, you can visit Just Fan (139,95) in Luo Yang to teleport to your Guild City by selecting "Enter Guild city".

Da Li EaglesEdit

Da Li has 6 Eagle Keepers. The eagles provide quick transportation to players using them, a system designed to aid new players to travel around Da Li faster as they do not yet has access to mounts, though any level player can use the eagles.

To use the eagles, one must wait by an Eagle Keeper until an eagle appears, then click the Eagle Keeper and choose "To [direction]". The eagle waits in an area for about 20 seconds. Up to 2 players can ride an eagle at a time.

Below is a list of the Eagle Keepers and where in Da Li they go to and from. All directions are reversable.

Boldh (280,145) East ---> Ganbold (36,145) West

Belgutei (280,162) East ---> Badral (151,255) South

Chinbayer (55,133) West ---> Enhsaihan (198,256) South West

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