Gems are a crucial item in enhancing weapons. For them to be active, they must be socketed into an equipable item.

Types of gemsEdit

There are offensive(Attacking equipment) and defensive(Defense equipment) gems.

Offensive gems can be socketed into: weapons, wristbands, rings, amulets, necklaces.

Defensive gems can be socketed into: armour, gloves, hats, shoulderpads, shoes, belts, necklaces.

There are also other types of gems like: Life gems, Charming gems, Wisdom gems, Destiny gems, Hope gems, Mystery gems, Evil gems,Fantasy gems. One of each gem types can be socketed into one equipment(exp. if life gem is socketed on weapon then you cant add any more life gems to your weapon).

Gem LevelsEdit

Level 1 gems are very easy to get. you can get it from Thief Raid , Rebels, Chests, I also seen that the system said that some guys found gem while attempting to throw broken fireworks (usually Tigereye).you can also buy it from Su zhuo's gem merchant Cheng Fan (112, 136).

Level 2 - 9 gems are very rare to get. Here are some ways to get:

  • Buy it from token shop.
  • Obtain it from events (Thief Raid , Rebels, etc...).
  • Obtain gem chips and lvl 1 gems then craft it to higher lvl gems, you need to go to Luo Yang's Chu-keh(196,178).

All gemsEdit

Type Name Picture Effect off or def
Hope gems Opal Opal Spi. Attack Offensive gem
Tigereye Tigereye Phy. Attack Offensive gem
Wisdom gems Citrine Citrine Thunder Attack Offensive gem
Cyanite Cyanite Ice Attack Offensive gem
Balas Balas Fire Attack Offensive gem
Epidote Epidote Poison Attack Offensive gem
Evil gem Amethyst Amethyst Hit Offensive gem
Fantasy gem Alexandrite Alexandrite Critical hit Offensive gem
Life gems Spinel Spinel Phy. Defence Defensive gem
Garnet Garnet Spi. Defence Defensive gem
Charming gems Selenite Selenite Fire Resistance Defensive gem
Olivine Olivine Poison Resistance Defensive gem
Topaz Topaz Thunder Resistance Defensive gem
Zircon Zircon Ice Resistance Defensive gem
Destiny gems Ruby Ruby Stamina Defensive gem
Amber Amber Strength Defensive gem
Sapphire Sapphire Inteligence Defensive gem
Turquoise Turquoise Agility Defensive gem
Onyx Onyx Willpower Defensive gem
Emerald Emerald Reflexes Defensive gem

Destiny gem Bloodstone Bloodstone

Max HP

Defensive gem
  • Bloodstone can only be bought in Token shop.

Gem socketingEdit

Socketing in TLBB gives tremendous boosts to your equipments. See this videoguide about gem socketing. For more info about Socketing see dedicated article.thumb|300px|right|Video guide about gem socketing

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