Food is important part of TLBB realm and represented in a huge variety of dishes.
Stuffed Dumpling

You don't have to feed your character every day just to stay alive, like in real life. In TLBB you have to consume food to restore your HP and MP.

Unlike medicine, food generally restores both HP and MP (though usually more of one than the other.) High quality food can also confer special bonuses or buffs for a certain period of time after being consumed.

How to use it?Edit

Food is used by right-clicking it from your inventory when you are not already performing another action. If you are attacked or perform another action, you will stop eating, and any portion not consumed will be wasted and disappear. It is advisable to have some food with you at all times, so you can quickly restore your HP and MP. In the extreme cases you can always cook steamed bread and eat it immediately. But this plain food would not restore your HP and MP as much as walnut porridge, for example, or dumplings.

Where to get Food?Edit

Food can be bought from Pub owners, or can be made by players with the Cooking skill.

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