Travelling bag and box ig tab
Travelling Bags and Grid Boxes provide valuable extra space in your inventory. The Travelling Bag provides extra "Item" space in your inventory and the Grid Box provides extra "Stuff" space in your inventory.

If you have no current bag or box equipped, simply right-click the ones in your inventory, and they will automatically load in their appropriate slots. To view your equip bag and box, open your character interface (Alt+C), click on the "Others" tab, and you will see where they are.

If you later acquire a better travelling bag or grid box, you'll want to remove the existing ones, as right clicking the new ones does not work if there is already a bag or box equipped. To do this, go to where you can view the equipped ones (Alt+C then "Others" tab), then you can drag them via left click to your inventory.
Important note: to unequip a travelling bag or grid box, a number of boxes on the bottom rows of your inventory must be empty. For example, if I want to unequip my Lv 7 Grid Box, I will ensure the bottom 7 item slots in the "Stuff" tab of my inventory are empty. I will then drag the Grid Box from my "Other Information" tab into an empty slot in the "Item" tab of my inventory.

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