Elmwood Puppet

"Elmwood Puppet is a puppet which was made by Elmwood's wood. Nobody know how they could move and attack."

Where can it be found?Edit

Wild Plains

Dun Huang

What can it drop?Edit

Amber Autumn Blade

Bane's Jade Amulet

Blue Ring


Cloak of Sin

Cotton Shoulderpads

Daisy Porridge

Dharma Silver Helmet

Dragon Hana Necklace

Dotted Handguards

Enchanted Air Powder

Fairy's Cloth Mantle

Fan Rib

Flax Cloth

Flax Shoes Glacial Wristbands

Grid Lizard Cuff


Ice Nuclei

Infinity Jade Amulet

Imperial Blade

Jade Dragon Amulet Lvl 1 Healing Slave

Lvl 1 Statice Powder

Lvl 1 Traveling Bag


Paper Fan of Bane


Pure Pearl

Rainbow Circle

Rime Ring



Silver Spear

White Sponge Cake

Willow Amulet

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