"People said that Eidolon just appears in a story, but one day, it was appeared in West Lake."

Where can it be foundEdit

West Lake

In the area of (269,66)

What can it drop?Edit

+1 Soul Crystal

+2 Ice Block

+2 Ice nuclei

+2 Rime

Bamboo Fan of Focus

Bane's Leather CLoak

Brocade Shoes

Brown Paper

Cloth Fairy Hat

Dharma's Iron Cuffs

Feral Shoulderpads

Fey Pole Circle

Holy iron Wristbands

Fey Kylin Footwraps

Fey Kylin Wristband

Kylin Cloak of Focus

Lvl 2 Air Powder

Lvl 3 Healing Salve

Monster's Blood

Pinenut Porridge

Searing Shoulderpads

Wandrous Wand

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