Definition: Something need to exchange for a royal's set from the King

You can exchange it at "Victorious Lang" in Su Zhou (169, 138)

How to collect: The dragon sphere drop randomly from the minibosses you kill in wild fields and caves.

The rule:

- Boss'll reappear after 5 minutes

- Usually 6 minibosses in wild fields.

The "trick":

- Each type of monster in each map have it own boss

- You must well know the spamming location so you can run in order to get it fastest

- The more member the party have, the more chance you got DP (it increase the chance of drop)

- Run in mount

- Got a tons of HP pots The royal set: each 10 level have 2 royal set for melee and range

- The melee set: for shaolin, pyromancer, beggar, assassin and royalty (primally str)

- The ranger set: for minstrel, lotus order, taoist, voodoo and royalty (primally int)

The number of piece of royal set:

- Royal set lvl 18 and 30 have 4 piece

- Royal set lvl 40, 50 have 5 piece

- Royal set lvl 60, 70, 80 and 90 have 6 piece

The number of dragon sphere needed for exchange:

- Level 18 need 6 DP each piece (total 24)

- Level 30 need 8 DP each piece (total 32)

- Level 40 need 10 DP each piece (total 50)

- Level 50 need 12 DP each piece (total 60)

- Level 60 need 14 DP each piece (total 84)

- Level 70 need 16 DP each piece (total 96)

- Level 80 need 32 DP each piece (total 196)


Level 3 Dragon Sphere (Dragon Fountain)

Level 3 Dragon Sphere (Dragon Fountain)

Real size: 1027x1025

Level 4 Dragon Sphere (North Yan)

Level 4 Dragon Sphere (North Yan)

Real size: 1027x1031

Level 5 Dragon Sphere (Stone Forest)

Level 5 Dragon Sphere (Stone Forest) small

Real size: 1027x1046

Level 6 Dragon Sphere (Plum Hill)

Level 6 Dragon Sphere (Plum Hill) small

Real size: 1027x1025

DP 7x

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