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An example of a Daily Wage quest log

The Daily Wage Quest is a log of quests one can acquire and complete in exchange for bound tokens. It was introduced in the 23/06/10 Open beta Update.

How it worksEdit

Visit Mr Sun (173,146) in Da Li to accept your a quest log. This is valid until you accept a new one, so you can complete quests and hand them in the next day, providing you have not accepted a new quest log. The quest log contains 8 quests that can be completed independently, and 2 which must be done in a team, such as a Thief Raid. The quests generally provide a reward of either 5 bound tokens or 10 for the ones which take longer to complete, such as completing 50 guild quests. The rewards can be claimed from Mr Sun. A bonus reward can be received when you complete 6 of the independent quests and at least 1 team quest.


The Daily Wage Quest allows players to claim rewards of bound tokens, these are typically either 5 tokens, or 10 tokens. Below the rewards are noted, with values in Bound Tokens. The Bound Tokens can be spent in the Token Shop.

Solo QuestsEdit

Lucky Bingo: 5

Send Oral Message (1): 5

Send Oral Message (10): 10

Guild quest (1): 5

Guild quest (50): 10

Half-hour online: 5

Two hours online: 10

Correctly answered Trivia (20): 5

Completed Trivia: 20

Class Quest (1): 5

Class Quests (20): 10

Fiona Wong Cycle Quest: 5

Team QuestsEdit

Intruders: 10

Loop Instance Quest: 10

Thief Raid: 10

Kill Ancient Chess Soul: 10


The bonus is roughly 30 bound tokens. lv 70 gets 35 bound token rewards, so it's level dependent, as may be the other rewards.

External LinksEdit

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