Cunning Reaver

Level 36-37

Where can it be found?Edit

Dragon Fountain. (60,90) to (80,210)

What can it drop?Edit

Wondrous Item

Celadon Bottle


Golden Twisted Dough
Black Rice Porridge

Lvl 3 Air Powder
Lvl 4 Healing Salve
Lvl 5 Statice Capsule

Dharma Cranny Amulet
Venom Cranny Amulet
Cranny Dragon Amulet
Cranny Fairy Amulet
Vine Cranny Amulet
Satisfactory Ring
Astrologic Axe
Fairy Silk Mantle
Silk Fairy Gloves
Venom Silk Hat
Shadowfox Cloak
Dharma's Sentinel
Wain Circle
Blood Drain Claymore
Slick Shoulderpads
Dharma's Necklace
Cloud Wristbands
Fey Elven Wristband
Dharma's Defence
Wild Necklace
Blasting Necklace
Faithful Necklace
Flaming Shoulderpads
Claymore of Horror
Elven Cuffs of Focus
Vine Silk Wristbands
Elven Shoulderpads
Bane Frost Circle
Silk Brocade Hat
Silk Brocade Gloves
Sky Shoulderpads
King Yue's Blade
Elven Hangduards
Liquid Emei Blade
Shadowfox Hanguards
Fey Elven Hat
Fey's Gemmed Amulet
Water Wheel Amulet
Visioned Blade


Moth Orchid Gloves
Wristbands of Galaxy


+3 Hilt
+3 Ice Nuclei
+3 Sheath
+3 Ring
+3 Ice Block
+3 Rime
+3 Nunchakus
+3 Thread
+3 Fan Rib
+3 Amber
+3 Pikestaff
+3 Shankbone
+3 Chalcedony
Brown Paper

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