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Minimum lv Requirement




Lv 1-5 taught by

Da Li: Swift Du (116,157)
Luo Yang: Chef Li (134,154)
Su Zhou: Sagacious (189,173)

Lv 6-10 taught by

Guild City: Fat Du (45,74)

Cooking is perhaps the first Life Skill players learn, as it is incorporated into an early quest. It is similar to Pharmacy, though has the advantage that it can be used anywhere. Most food provide HP and MP heals.

How to CookEdit

Open up the Cooking life skill and choose a recipe. Recipes must be pre-learnt and require certain cooking levels in order to be learnt. If you have enough Vigour, required ingredients and 2 item inventory space, click "produce" or "produce all" and you will make a foodstuff of that recipe.

Accidental ProductionEdit

Producing food has a chance to "accidentally" produce a foodstuff that can give stat boosts/buffs, as well as a normal foodstuff. These are often required for guild and class quests. The Regimen life skill increase the chance of this occuring.

Complimentary Life SkillsEdit


Planting has two types of crops: Food Crops and Sewing Material Crops. For cooking, the desirable crops are obviously food ones.


Perhaps the easiest way to acquire ingredients to cook is by fishing. Fish must be processed into ingredients via a Broadsword Recipe.


under construction..

Food that you produce is based on your Cooking level and random choice. Sometimes you create both restoring food and "buffing" food from one cooking.

Lv 1 Staple Recipe: Assorted Fried Rice, Bran Gluten, Cocoa Rice Balls, Fried Meatball, Mung Bean Cake, Red Bean Rice, Rice Cake, Roasted Corn, Sesame Cake, Tasty Congee, Walnut Tofu Congee

Lv 1 Fish Recipe: Beggar's Chicken, Bouilli, Eggplant Pie, Fried Croakers, Hot Fish Filet, Lettuce Mince, Meat Mushroom, Meatballs, Sauced Beef

Lv 2 Staple Recipe: Almond Cookie, Bean paste cake, Multi-Layer Bakemeat, Plantain Rice, Rice Tube Pudding, Spring Cake, Stuffed Steamed Bun, Vegetable Pie, Vegetable Roll.

Lv 2 Fish Recipe: Braised Bear's Paw, Pork Chop Congee, Sauce-Braised Turtle, Sauced Fish Slices, Sauteed Spicy Snail, Seaweed Soup, Stuffed Dumpling, Vemicelli with Pork..



Grass Carp; Herring; Arrow; Crucian Carp; Chub; Weever; Flatfish; Flathead; Eel; Oleo; Pacific Saury; Snakehead; Barracuda; Betta; Pomfret; Trout; Dace; Whitebait; Catfish; Salmon.


Brisket; Shin-Shank; Chuck; Outside; Bolar Blade; Knuckle; Tenderloin; Rib Eye; Ribs.


Wheat; Rice; Corn; Peanuts; Sweet Potato...


Szechuan Pepper; Mint; Pepper,...

Levelling RequirementsEdit

Lv 1-5 requirements based on Main City NPCs.
Lv 6-10 requirements based on Guild City NPC.

Level Cost Minimum lv Proficiency Experience
Lv 1 25Silver 1 n/a n/a
Lv 2 50Silver 1 15/15 14739
Lv 3 1Gold 20 58/58 21724
Lv 4 2Gold 20 142/142 32021
Lv 5 4Gold 50 281/281 47197

Level Cost Minimum lv Proficiency Experience Contribution
Lv 6 6Gold 40Silver 50 492/492 55652 100
Lv 7 12Gold 80Silver 50 797/797 82028 250
Lv 8 25Gold 60Silver 70 1227/1227 120904 500
Lv 9
Lv 10

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