Money is the primacy source of currency in TLBB. Nearly all items have a fixed value that a shop NPC will pay.


There are 6 units of currency in TLBB, though essentially there are 3 values:

Gold (Gold) or "g". The bound equivalent is Ivorygold.

Silver (Silver or "s". The bound equivalent is Ivorysilver.

Copper (Copper) or "c". The bound equivalent is Ivorycopper.

100Copper = 1Silver

100Silver = 1Gold


Ivory was introduced with the Shadow Curse Update. Ivory has the same value as gold (1:1) though it cannot be dropped when killed or traded. Ivory cannot be used to buy all items.

If a price is recorded in Ivory, that means it is purchasable with ivory and normal, unbound coins. Ivory will always be deducted first. If the price is not recorded in ivory, that means it must be purchased with unbound gold.


Each player has a maximum amount of money allowed, which is dependent on their level.

The formula for the maximum amount of gold one player can have is as follows: [L²×10,000], where L = player level. This can be described in prose as [Player Level multiplied by Player Level, then multiplied by ten thousand]. For example, the maximum amount of money a level 11 can have is (11x11)x10,000= 1,210,000Copper =121Gold .

Notes: The formula gives the unit in Copper, also known as "copper" or "c".

The maximum amount of money that a player can have is irrespective of whether it is stored in the Bank. The money in the bank and on the player both count towards the maximum allowed total.

External LinksEdit

A list of the maximum allowed amount of gold per level.

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