The table below details the stat increase per attribute point added for each class. The data is complete and confirmed. Hopefully can act as a vague guide as to the particular strengths and weaknesses of each class.

Str Int Sta Wil Agi
Class Phys. Atk Spi. Atk HP Phys. Def MP Spi. Def Hit Reflex Crit Atk/Def
Assassin7.6?557254.483.31 in 14
Beggars Alliance7.6?607.61205.184 1 in 17
Lotus Order?7.6505.1408.257.521 in 23
Minstrel?7.6505.1368.257.53.51 in 20
Pyromancer8.3?565.7204.47.531 in 17
Royalty6.346.34586.34276.34931 in 36
Shaolin7.6?708.25255.76.521 in 26
Taoist?8.9444.4327.6172.51 in 20
Voodoo?7.6524.4368.9631 in 17


From this table, one can quickly examine which classes excel with particular stats.

Below are (out of the complete columns), the best in each field per stat added.

HP: Shaolin

Phys. Def: Shaolin

MP: Lotus Ordert

Spi. Def: Voodoo

Hit: Royalty

Reflex: Beggars Alliance & Minstrel

Crit Hit/Def: Assassin


HP: Taoist

Phys. Def: Voodoo & Taoist

MP: Pyromancer & Beggars Alliance

Spi. Def: Pyromancer & Assassin

Hit: Voodoo

Reflex: Shaolin & Lotus Order

Crit Hit/Def: Royalty

Data SourceEdit

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