Choosing the Class of your character is one of the most significant decisions you can make in the game. You will be able to join a Class once you reach level 10, and must choose a class to continue. The class you choose determines they play style you'll use through the particular array of skills you'll be able to learn with that class. The class you choose affects which class base you'll visit, which class mounts you can use, which class life skills you'll be able to perform, and due to passive skills, which weapons you'll end up using.

It's a good idea to choose a class that you think will be compatable with how you want to play the game, though you may want to be surprised with what you can learn, this article hopes to guide you to one of the nine classes that may best suit you.

This will be improved, but for now, here are brief stereotypes of the available classes:

* Assassin: Stealthy, can even make team mates invisible, easy crit hits.
* Beggars Alliance: Combos and AOEs, likely to dodge attacks.
* Lotus Order: Healer. Sought after to keep parties alive.
* Minstrel: Uses traps. Distract and Stun.
* Pyromancer: Huge physical attack damage dealer, done quickly, though at the expense of a possible quick death.
* Royalty: Physical attack ranger, with strong elemental defence. Reliable.
* Shaolin: Tank. Can take huge amounts of damage.
* Taoist: Powerful spirit attack ranger, must be protected.
* Voodoo: Poison damage over time, well protected against spirit attacks.

Visit this page to compare strengths and weaknesses of the classes.

External LinksEdit - Click the class pictures for more details on each class.

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