Bank Clerks at Su Zhou Bank

Bank Clerks at Su Zhou Bank

Banks in TLBB provide players with storage space for items and money.

Banks are available for use from Lv 11.

To access the bank storage space, talk to one of the Bank Clerks found in the locations marked "Bank" on the area map of one of the main cities.

Storage CapacityEdit

Every player is given a free "tenancy chest", or locker, much like the inventory; this can hold 20 items. Two more lockers can be bought for 5Gold and 10Gold respectively. If a player has all three lockers, the maximum amount of item slots that they can deposit items into is 60.

In order to purchase a new locker, speak to a Bank Clerk, select "New Locker", and confirm the payment.

The maximum amount of gold that can be deposited into the bank is dependent on the level of the player. It is worked out as [L²×10,000], where L = player level. This can be described in prose as [Player Level multiplied by Player Level, then multiplied by ten thousand]. For example, the maximum amount of money a level 11 can deposit is (11x11)x10,000= 1,210,000Copper =121Gold .

Notes: The formula gives the unit in Copper, also known as "copper" or "c".

The maximum amount of money that can be deposited in a bank is also the maximum amount a player can carry. The money in the bank and on the player both count towards the maximum allowed total.


Da Li: (209,169). There are 8 bank clerks here.

Luo Yang: (88,152). There are 3 bank clerks here.

(252,109). There is 1 bank clerk here.

Su Zhou: (92,179). There are 4 bank clerks here.

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