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Festival Medal

Festival Medal

Festival trading cards are part of the Valentines Day Events.

Festival MedalEdit

Festival Medals are obtainable as a drop from Bosses such as the Ancient Chess Soul, Red Toad and Tyants, the boss in raids.

Trade these with your class quest giver to recieve your class complimentary slip (Class Card).

Class CardsEdit

One must have all of these in your inventory to be able to recieve the event rewards.

Trade with other players to recieve all the cards.

Assassin CardBeggars Alliance CardLotus Order CardMinstrel CardPyromancer CardRoyalty CardShaolin CardTaoist CardVoodoo Card

Requirements and LimitsEdit

Minimum level 25.

Rewards can be recieved a maximum of 6 times per day.

Event ends 24th February.


Once all the cards have been aquired, Vist Chu-Keh, the Fortune Teller, at (194,180) in Lou Yang and choose to "Exchange for gift".

Reward 1 - Santa Claus's bag: 5 slot back (replaces traveling bag)

Filing Cabinet

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