The Master and Apprentice system has been carefully designed to promote positive user relationships in the game, particularly between older players and newer ones. The system rewards both the master and apprentice (M&A) with extra exp, though it is also designed to encourage experienced players to help new players by way of answering questions and giving equipment.

Elder Nieh (141,132) in Da Li is the NPC from whom players can initiate and end M&A relationships, as well as trade in moral points and undertake the status of Master.

Master StatusEdit

To become a master there are a few requirements.

To generate Moral points, the character wanting to become Master must be teamed up with a person level 10+ and at least 10 levels lower then the player wanting to become Master.

(Tip. Easiest way is to create a team with the to be Master and a 10+ player, then go and grind Mobs the same level as the Master to be. )

Teaching Title Max. Apprentice Amount Moral Points Required
Primary Master 2 500
Intermediate Master 3 5000
Superior Master 5 25000
Famous master ? 8 50000


The potential master must be at least 10 levels higher than the potential apprentice.

  • The Apprentice must be at least level 10 and no higher than level 40.
  • The Master must create and be the leader of the team, the Apprentice must join the team. ( Only the Master and Apprentice may be in the team while creating Master/Apprentice relations )
  • The player wanting to become a Master must have at least 500 Moral points to trade in for the Primary Master title / status.
  • Both Master and Apprentice must be on each others friend list.

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