Some equipment are appraisable, which is different to being unidentified. Unappraised equipment have a pink "Unappraised" note on the item description, which is replaced with additional stats when appraised.

How to AppraiseEdit


A player appraising armour in Su Zhou

  • Take unappraised equipment to either Noble Heart Wang (210,154) in Luo Yang, or Chou Tzu (265,140) in Su Zhou; ensure you have at least 50Silver in your inventory.
  • Left click the NPC and choose "Appraisal". With the item you desire to be appraised in your inventory, right click it, and it will fill the item box of the appraisal window.
  • Click the OK button. Your item will be appraised.


When an item is successfully appraised, its basic attributes will be permanently increased, and the increase will be noted on the bottom of the item description. An appraised item will acquire a level of capacity increase; its level appears to be random.

There are four levels of capacity increase:

  • Normal (1%-5% increase)
  • Medium (6%-10% increase)
  • Good (11%-15% increase)
  • Perfect (16%-20% increase)

An example of appraised armour, the armour's basic attributes are additional physical defence and spirit defence, in this case, +454 phy. def and +454 spi. def. The armour was appraised, and gained Perfect Capacity for physical defence, and giving it +17%, translating to +77 additional physical defence. The appraisal also revealed the item to have Medium Spirit Defence Capacity of +6%, giving it +27 additional spirit defence.

The additional stats only benefit the item once revealed via appraisal.


It is possible for items to be reappraised, though special items are needed.

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