When Double XP —or x2 XP —is activated, a player will receive twice as much experience as normal when a monster is defeated.

Any player level 10 or above can active up to 5 hours of and above can activate 5 hours of exp per week from 'Efficiency' NPCs in the main cities, plus an additional 4 hours of Double XP available from a Guild city. This XP may be taken in portions of 1 hour, or can be simply turned on and off by speaking to the relevant NPC.

Double XP resets at 5pm ST everyday Sunday when suspended or unused Double XP for the week will be lost, unless acquired through a Blue Ball of Brilliance .

Please note: Double XP does not apply to experience received from guild quests, and only applies to monsters killed.

Activating Double XPEdit

Double XP can be activated in Da Li, Luo Yang, Su Zhou.

Da Li: Captian Hung [182,140]

Luo Yang: Controller Liu [151, 90] and Chen Controller [172, 90]

Su Zhou: Commander Shen [165, 80]

These NPCs are in the area of "Efficiency" on the area maps.

Guild CityEdit

Wei Woo (133,50) in Guild City provides 4 hours of 2x exp per week. Blue Ball of Brilliance(Luxury Blue Capsule) Blue Balls of Brilliance gives players 1 hour of Double XP when activated. This runs regardless of the weekly Double XP reset, and can be safely suspended.

Check RemainingEdit

The Quest Log (Alt+Q) says how much Double XP time you have activated. If you have more than 60 minutes activated it says 1 hr, more than 120 minutes 2 hr, and so on. There is also a feature that displays current remaining Double XP in a small box just to the right of the skill bar. This feature can be turned off via the System Menu .

To view how much remaining Double XP you have this week, you can visit one of the Double XP NPCs, or open up the Character Interface and click the "Others" tab. These options only detail how much Double XP you have not yet activated, and do not include suspended Double XP..

Whilst 2x exp is running, an update has put in place a feature that displays current remaining 2x exp in a small box just to the right of the skill bar. This feature can be turned off via the game settings.

XP distributionEdit

If you a team leader, you can choose a type of XP distribution in your team: Shared XP or Distributed XP.

Shared XPEdit

In this case all earned XP will be equally distributed among all players, regardless of their levels.

Distributed XPEdit

In this case XP is distributed accordng to the damage made. So the more damage you cause to the target (monster, chess stone, etc), the more XP you will get.

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